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There are dozens of bodypaint brands out there, and some are applied with a brush, some a sponge, and others only with an airbrush. Today we’re going to focus on the airbrush brands, as airbrushing will generally give you the best finish and longest lasting wear time. Both extremely important things for a cosplayer spending all day at a convention!

Important Safety Warnings:

  • No two people’s skin is the same! Some people’s skin is more oily, or more sensitive. Some people have allergies. Other people’s skin may not take the color as readily. What works for me may not necessarily work for you!
  • The best thing to do is buy a sample size of a paint your are interested in, and try a patch of it on your forearm. DO NOT paint your entire body with something until you’ve tested a small area to make sure you have no allergies!
  • PAX is not a bodypaint and SHOULD NOT be used on skin at any time. Unlike the paints listed here, PAX blocks the body’s ability to sweat & breathe through the skin, which can cause you to overheat or suffer other serious health concerns.
  • Please stick to brands formulated specifically to go onto skin, don’t risk it!

So, in no particular order:


European Body Art ENDURA

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyAmazon Website (or your local costume supply store)
Removal: Coconut Oil
General Price: ~$43 per 4oz

One of my personal favorites; a little bit goes a looooooong way with this brand. A 2 oz bottle seems to last almost as long as a 4 oz bottle of lesser brands. Very opaque color, feels lightweight and breathable on the skin. 

Reel Creations

Reel Body Art & Airbrush Inks

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyReel Creations Website
Removal: Special Remover from Reel Creations
General Price: ~$50 per 4oz

One of the best, and one of the most expensive bodypaint brands on this list. For its price, though, you get a paint that can last for 4 full days with only minor touchups needed. Never smudges, very little transfer on clothing. 


Temptu PRO Dura

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyTemptu Website
Removal: Coconut Oil
General Price: ~$32 per 4oz

Absolutely fantastic color selection, with over 100 different color options. Also one of the few airbrush paints to offer a full range of human-colored foundations. Which is great if you want to be a human-colored alien and need to paint your prop to match your skin tone.

Paint is a bit thick & sticky, and slightly translucent to give the appearance of real skin. Use a bit of baby powder after applying to remove the stickiness.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch Ink

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyOlive Branch Website
Removal: Coconut Oil
General Price: ~$20 per 4oz

Olive Branch is an extremely translucent brand which can potentially look the most realistic if applied correctly. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It also smells amazing when you’re applying it (the smell fades once dry) making it a much more pleasant experience to be sprayed with.

Color options are very slim compared to other brands.


ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup

Type: Hybrid (Alcohol/Water)
Where to BuyAmazon
Removal: Liquid Soap & Water
General Price: ~$34 per 4oz

ProAiir Hybrid is a mix of water-based and alcohol-based, making it less durable than other brands, though still very strong. Can get 1 day of wear as opposed to the 2-4 days of pure alcohol brands. Color is also fully opaque, meaning some contouring may be required to get that true realistic look.

Because it’s hybrid though, it’s more comfortable to wear & easier to remove than most other brands on this list.