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Bikini made by Fit2bTied Clothing


One Piece

I never did get to watch the anime for One Piece – by the time I discovered it it was already waaaay too many seasons long! But then Netflix came out with their live action adaptation, and I immediately fell in love with the whole cast and the story. Nami, the resourceful navigator with a fierce spirit, quickly became one of my favorites! I love her sassy attitude and her character arc was so well done. I definitely wanted to cosplay her.

However, Nami’s most iconic look is her bikini (which I think is from later seasons in the anime?) which the Live Action has so far steered away from using. So I decided it would be fun to combine the two worlds – cosplaying the live action version of Nami, but wearing her classic anime bikini!

The wonderful people at Fit2bTied Clothing had the perfect bikini, too. I’ve worked with them several times in the past and their craftsmanship is just fantastic! They made this bikini custom just for my size and preferences, and it was a perfect match for the anime look I wanted. As much as I love making my own cosplays, any time I need a bikini for a character I turn to Fit2bTied right away.

The final images are a testament to the power of cosplay, not just in recreating beloved characters, but in weaving together different interpretations and personal touches. So, whether you’re a seasoned One Piece fan or a newcomer like me, I hope this cosplay serves as a reminder that you can write your own adventure, embrace different versions, and most importantly, have a blast doing it!