Original Characters

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Over the years, I have created quite a few original characters in the Star Wars universe! While sometimes they start out as a simple cosplay design (i.e. “This month I want to cosplay a glitzy, glamorous yellow twi’lek!”) they almost always develop into a fully fledged character with backstories and personalities!

I get a lot of questions about my OCs – who they are and what they’re like. So I’ve taken some time, and wrote up their stories for you!

Amber Brite cosplaying an original blue Twi'lek named Rio

Rio Ca'tal

Sassy, sarcastic, and packing a whole lot of firepower. This mandalorian wasn't born in the clan, but as a foundling of Clan Shael, Rio is incredibly dedicated to her new family. Just don't come between her and her sniper rifle.
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Amber Brite cosplaying her original pink Twi'lek, Alyra


Sophisticated and in control. Alyra runs a criminal empire in the upper layers of Coruscant. The rich and powerful come to her for their vices, and Alyra is sharp enough to always spin the deal in her favor.
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Singer, songwriter, rising starlet. D'shalla was found by Alyra and given the chance to sing at her cantina, where she quickly rose in popularity. Now she records holovids that circle the inner rim.
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