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Cosplay is an art form that allows you to express your love for characters through elaborate costumes and makeup. But what if your character has bright blue skin, or scales shimmering with an otherworldly sheen? Traditional makeup can only go so far. This is where airbrush bodypaint comes in.

Airbrush bodypaint offers a level of control, detail, and vibrancy that simply cannot be achieved with sponges or brushes. Imagine achieving that perfect shade of purple for your alien queen, or seamlessly blending different greens to create realistic reptilian skin. With airbrush bodypaint, these effects become possible, allowing you to fully embody your character and take your cosplay to the next level.

Here are just a few reasons why airbrush bodypaint is a favorite among cosplayers:

  • Superior Finish: Airbrushing creates an even, smooth application that is unmatched by traditional methods. This is especially important for achieving flawless, realistic results on large areas of the body.
  • Long-lasting Wear: A cosplay convention is a marathon, not a sprint. With airbrush bodypaint, you can rest assured your creation will stay put for hours on end, allowing you to enjoy the convention without worrying about touch-ups.
  • Vibrant Colors: Airbrush paint produces a richer, more opaque quality of color than traditional makeup. This is essential for achieving those show-stopping looks that will truly make your cosplay stand out.
  • Blending and Shading: Airbrushing allows for seamless blending and shading, creating a more natural and three-dimensional effect on your bodypaint.

Safety First!:
Before diving into the world of airbrush bodypaint, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Here are some key things to remember:

Always Test for Allergies: Everyone’s skin reacts differently. Before applying any paint to your entire body, do a patch test on your forearm. Wait at least 24 hours to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.
Don’t Use PAX: PAX paint is not designed for skin and can be dangerous. Stick to bodypaint brands specifically formulated for safe use on the human body.
Choose breathable paints: Look for water-based or alcohol-based paints that allow your skin to sweat and breathe.
Listen to your body: If you experience any itching, burning, or discomfort, remove the paint immediately.

Please stick to brands formulated specifically to go onto skin, don’t risk it!

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits and safety considerations of airbrush bodypaint, let’s explore some of the top brands favored by cosplayers!


European Body Art ENDURA

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyAmazon Website (or your local costume supply store)
Removal: Coconut Oil
General Price: ~$43 per 4oz

One of my personal favorites; a little bit goes a looooooong way with this brand. A 2 oz bottle seems to last almost as long as a 4 oz bottle of lesser brands. Very opaque color, feels lightweight and breathable on the skin. 

Reel Creations

Reel Body Art & Airbrush Inks

Type: Alcohol
Where to BuyReel Creations Website
Removal: Special Remover from Reel Creations
General Price: ~$50 per 4oz

One of the best, and one of the most expensive bodypaint brands on this list. For its price, though, you get a paint that can last for 4 full days with only minor touchups needed. Never smudges, very little transfer on clothing. 


ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup

Type: Hybrid (Alcohol/Water)
Where to BuyAmazon
Removal: Liquid Soap & Water
General Price: ~$34 per 4oz

ProAiir Hybrid is a mix of water-based and alcohol-based, making it less durable than other brands, though still very strong. Can get 1 day of wear as opposed to the 2-4 days of pure alcohol brands. Color is also fully opaque, meaning some contouring may be required to get that true realistic look.

Because it’s hybrid though, it’s more comfortable to wear & easier to remove than most other brands on this list.