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Darth Maul is a fearsome Sith Lord with ten iconic horns that jut out from his head. If you’re cosplaying as Darth Maul, you’ll need to find a way to wear horns that look just as menacing.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to wear cosplay horns made for Darth Maul. I’ll also provide some tips on how to make the horns look more realistic.


If you ordered painted horns, you can skip this part. If you ordered un-painted horns, you get to paint them yourself! You can use the same bodypaint as you will be wearing, but keep in mind this is not a permanent painting solution as it will rub off. 

For a permanent paint job, I recommend Liquitex for the quality of paint and the vibrancy of the pigments. For Darth Maul, I start with a dark brown base, then add on layers of white and yellow paint until I reach a layered look. Add some red to the base, and there you go! 

Pre-wear Prep Work 

When you get these horns, the back will be flat and very uncomfortable to wear against your head. Don’t worry, it only takes about five minutes to sand them to the perfect curve — all you need is a thick marker and a rougher grit sandpaper. Wrap the sandpaper around the maker and gently sand the back of the horns, trying them on frequently, until you’re happy with where the curve is.

Here is a short video of this process:

Wearing Them 

Since this product is on the larger side, I recommend using Pros-Aide. It’s a medical grade adhesive safe for your skin. You can go to their website to find local suppliers or get Pros-Aide on Amazon

You can also use a bit of liquid latex to help “blend” it into your skin, if you’d like. Simply use a pointed make-up sponge or disposable brush to apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the edge and let it dry fully. You can get liquid latex on Amazon as well.

For the best hold, apply the horns before you apply your body-paint OR use a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the skin where you are intending to put the horns. 

Post-Wear Care

Once you are done wearing them, peel them off carefully and use the Pros-Aide remover to clean off any residue remaining on the bottom. I tend to leave most of the built-up latex as long as it still looks good and is attached. Keep in mind that the latex may remove the paint when you peel it off. Then store them in a safe place; I always say you can use these until you lose them so keep them together!