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Hera Syndulla is a popular character from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. She is the captain of the Ghost crew and a skilled pilot. If you are cosplaying as Hera, you will need to make her iconic hat.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to sew Hera Syndulla’s hat. In order to follow along you will need my downloadable Hera Hat pattern, which you can download here. Just print it out on normal printer paper, and then follow along!

Materials Req’d: 

  • ½ – ⅔ yrd white heavy cotton knit
    • I strongly recommend at least a two way stretch to ensure maximum comfort
  • Grey thread 
  • Sewing materials
    • Sewing machine, needles, scissors, cutting board, etc 
  • Pattern pieces (four pieces over four pages, cut out) 

DISCLAIMER: Every set of lekku has different thickness along the lekku and different orientation. This pattern works perfectly with the set of lekku I sell but may need some adjustments if you are using a different set of lekku. I HIGHLY recommend you start with a simple mock-up, make adjustments, and then make your real headsock. 


  1. Tape the two halves of piece 1 / 4 together along the blue line. 
  2. Cut the following, lining up the stretch with the double-headed arrows:
    1. Two (2) of pc 1 /4 
    2. Two (2) of pc 2 / 4 
    3. Two (2) of pc 3 / 4
    4. Four (4) of pc 4 / 4 
  3. Quilt both pcs of 1 /4  together with even lines (as indicated by dotted arrows). You can use batting or interfacing if you want the quilting to be more obvious, but I found that unnecessary with the material I used. 
  4. Quilt two pcs of 4 / 4 together with even lines parallel to the B points (as indicated by dotted arrows). 
  5. Match up, right sides together, points A and B on one piece of 3 / 4 and one piece of 4 / 4. Sew and then flip right side out so you have a “tube”. This will be the sock that your lekku come out of. Hem the side that the B points are on. 
  6. Match points C, D, E, and F of pc 3 / 4 with the quilted 1 / 4 pc, one on each side. The curve from E to F can be adjusted based on how much hair you have to cover/how baggy you want it at the back. This forms the base cap that should go over your head. Hem along the outside. 
  7. Flip your headcap of pcs 1 / 4 and 3 /4 inside out. Line up the front quilting (point D on the head cap) with the front of the quilting on your lekku caps, right sides together, and pin all the way around. Sew. 
  8. Flip your sock inside out. Viola! Not bad at all, huh? Now go out and be an awesome Space Mom! 

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