Poison Ivy

Holiday Holly Edition
Batman, DC Comics, Holiday

I’ve always been a fan of Poison Ivy, so when I decided to do a cosplay of her, I knew I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to create a holiday-themed Poison Ivy costume that would be both festive and sexy.

I started by brainstorming ideas for the costume. I wanted to incorporate some traditional Christmas elements, like holly leaves and berries, but I also wanted to keep the costume true to Poison Ivy’s character. I settled on this idea of a really sexy, backless bikini look – very similar to her trademark look, but much more festive, and much more risqué.

The idea was to have the leaves look like she had grown the entire outfit right on her body. In order to get the right look, I started with a base of Fosshape – a type of felt that you can shape, and then heat up to lock the shape in place. Almost like worbla, but as a felty fabric instead. It gave me a really comfortable backless bra shape to work with that I could start gluing leaves and berries to!

The thong was much the same – something to cover my bits with, but no straps or anything to hold it in place.

Both the bra and the thong had to be glued onto me, which I used a skin-safe glue called Pros-aide to glue them down. It held them very secure, but gave me that look I wanted of ‘not really wearing underwear!’

Once they were glued in place, I used more pros-aide to glue some additional leaves in various places on my body to continue selling the look and make it all look seamless. There really was no back or sides to this outfit, it was extremely revealing from several angles, but worked fantastically and I love how it all turned out.

I can definitely recommend Fosshape for any super structured fabric-y needs. It was very easy to work with and I’ve built all kinds of things with it since first using it for this costume!