Mortal Kombat

Mileena is exactly the sort of character I love to cosplay. She’s sexy, she’s scary, you wanna hook up with her but you’re pretty sure you won’t survive the night if you do. And I was dying to try my hand at making those teeth prosthetics. Especially her Mortal Kombat X teeth – those ones were my favorite. The little bit of human mouth, with normal lips, that spread into that monstrous grin, was not only a cool aesthetic, but it was really practical for conventions.

I sculpted Mileena’s teeth in 4 separate parts – 2 for the left side, 2 for the right, top and bottom each. They are cast out of latex, and carefully attached along my cheeks with a skin-safe glue called Pros-aide. The positioning was very precise – they had to be able to open and close when I moved my jaw, to get a really dramatic and lifelike effect.

I have a more in depth tutorial about my Mileena teeth, which you can read here, if you like.

The rest of the outfit, I picked up off of eBay. It’s Mileena’s MK9 outfit, but I liked the look of it more than her MKX version, so I figured I could merge the two. It’s a very sexy outfit, very eye-catching at conventions.

There are other versions of Mileena that I like, and may cosplay in the future! But her MKX teeth will always hold a special place in my heart, as the coolest look for her, and the one that actually lets me talk and interact with people realistically when I have the prosthetics on.