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Headpiece created by The Creature Queen
Photos taken by ModelMosa

Liara T’Soni

Mass Effect

Cosplaying Liara was actually a big surprise for me. I was given her headpiece as a gift from a friend for my birthday! It was originally purchased from The Creature Queen, who did a truly fantastic job sculpting and painting it.

With the headpiece in my possession, I had to pick an outfit to match! After a lot of consideration, I chose Liara’s heavy armor variant from Mass Effect 3. Mostly because… I always love making armor instead of sewing, if I can help it!

The armor is made from EVA foam – the thick sheets helped to sell the bulky, heavy look of the armor from that series. For bodypaint, I chose to use Temptu for its color choice that could match to the headpiece well. I also used Pros-aide to glue the headpiece down.

For one of my first major armor builds, it was very challenging to work with so much armor, but I really enjoyed the challenge and this cosplay really set me on the path of cosplaying aliens from all kinds of fandoms!