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Inquisitor Adaar

Dragon Age

Inquisitor. The Herald of Andraste. My playthrough of Dragon Age as a qunari warrior who steadfastly believed she definitely was sent by Andraste ruffled a lot of feathers in my game! But it was so much fun, I just had to cosplay her.

She’s not my most popular cosplay, but she holds a special place in my heart because she’s based onĀ my Inquistor. The armor she wore, the weapon she used. And I had a lot of fun crafting that armor.

For the qunari’s curly ram horns – I sculpted them from clay and created a mold to cast them in a light and durable resin. They are extremely lightweight, and are only held on my head by a single string of elastic. This horn style has become one of my most popular sellers in my prop store, check out their product page for more info on them.

The inquisitor’s armor is made from two materials: Sintra for the base layers, and terraflex for the extra details. This makes it incredibly durable and able to withstand the rugged photoshoots I take her on easily. It’s also extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

For the bodypaint, since it’s just a face with several colors and details, I opted for a water based bodypaint called Wolfe. It’s very easy to apply and surprisingly durable for a water-based paint. It’s a bit opaque though, so I used various eyeshadows in different shades of gray to add some contouring back into my face. I didn’t want to look too flat!