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Cosplay sponsored by The Cosplay Company

Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey Outfit

Batman, DC Comics

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular cosplays in the world. At conventions, people make a game out of counting how many Harley Quinns they see. For the longest time, I always told myself I would never cosplay her. I never really liked the character and her ‘quirky’ obsession with the Joker.

And then… and then Birds of Prey came out. And I fell inĀ love with her character arc, and how badass she was, and all her costume choices throughout the movie. It was official – I was a Harley Quinn fan. I finally understood what everyone else saw in her.

I was very fortunate that The Cosplay Company offered to sponsor my Harley Quinn cosplay – they provided the full outfit, in exchange for a handful of photoshoots. The photos you see above were all shot to help provide them with content for their website. And truthfully, I was very impressed with the quality of the costume they provided me.

The shorts especially were great – just the right size, and the stripe/star details were sharp and vivid. The suspenders are very durable, and the shirt has been so comfortable I started just wearing it normally even when I’m not in cosplay!

I did have to make a few things to complete the look – I styled the wig from a base “Harley” wig I found on Amazon. And the gloves are made completely from scratch, using a soft pleather from Cosplay Fabrics, and adding paint handprints to them.

I never thought I would cosplay Harley Quinn, but this costume (and the scene from the movie where she wears it) made me absolutely fall in love with her.