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Dye sub pattern by 4 Neo Designs



Anyone who knows me knows I love making props. What I don’t love… is sewing. I can sew well enough… but I genuinely don’t like doing it, and any chance I have to skip it, the better.

So as much as I looooved’s design in Overwatch, all those details were a nightmare to even think about. Thank goodness for dye sub suits. I got mine from 4 Neo Designs, and it made it soooo much easier to focus on the parts of the costume I enjoyed making – the props!

Her headphones were one of my first forays into working with small techy-looking props, and I had a lot of fun coming up with them. And of course, one of the biggest benefits to using a dye sub suit is that this is one of the most comfortable, casual costumes I own. It’s like wearing pajamas. I love this costume for the final day of a convention when my feet are sore from walking in heels in all my other, more intense costumes.