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Black Widow

Avengers, Marvel

Black Widow’s classic vinyl catsuit look has always been appealing to me. I love cosplaying in vinyl and latex, I love the shiny materials and the sleek, formfitting look. So when I finally put a full vinyl catsuit together, Black Widow was an easy choice to cosplay. I always love to do those sultry, smoldering characters.

For the catsuit itself, I started with Yaya Han’s Catsuit Pattern from McCalls. Out of all the catsuit patterns I’ve tried, this is the one that I think is the easiest to work with and the easiest to make adjustments to. It took a few test fittings to make sure I got everything fitted well, but I’m really happy with the results and the seam lines being where they are makes the suit very flattering.

The rest of the outfit was fairly simple – her widows bite gauntlets in the comics are really just bullet-looking things. So I used some fake plastic bullets made for a toy minigun (the kind with the belt that connects them) and glued them together into bracelets. The belt around her waist is made from holiday ornaments – the ones that are thin plastic, perfect spheres. I chopped the end off of them so they were flat on the back, painted them, and glued them to a band of elastic that served as a belt.

Admittedly, the accessories are a bit fragile – not suited for more than the single photoshoot I used them for. If I ever want to cosplay her for a convention, I’ll need to rebuild them in a more durable way. Thankfully, I have a few ideas for that… But time will tell!