Black Canary

Batman, DC Comics

I’ve always loved the character of Black Canary. She’s strong, sexy, and confident, and I love the way her costume looks. I’ve cosplayed as her a few times, and it’s always been a lot of fun.

Truthfully, she wasn’t a hard costume to put together – I already had all the pieces from other costumes and outfits! Fishnets and leather jacket? Staples of my wardrobe. Black skintight leotard? I can’t even remember who I originally sewed it for, I’ve had it for so long. Some biker gloves and combat boots? Those came from Tifa and Cammy, respectively. Long blond wig? I have at least 6.

So the outfit came together really quickly, and she is extremely comfortable to wear. She’s one of my go-to costumes for days I want to relax at conventions and not be burdened by 20-30 pounds of armor or prosthetics.

Plus, it’s just a really sexy look. It’s easy to feel powerful wearing Black Canary. And I’m a big fan of that.