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When Overwatch first came out, I honestly fell in love with most of the characters. Mercy is great, I love D.Va’s entire vibe, Symmetra’s outfit was so cool… but when it came time to pick what I wanted to cosplay, there was really only one choise for me. Yep, I chose Widowmaker.

By the time I got around to cosplaying Widowmaker, Overwatch had been out for a while and I had seen several fantastic renditions of her standard outfit. So I decided I wanted to do something a little different, and made the black catsuit variant instead! Black stretch vinyl is a fun material to work with and it photographs so well.

But the parts I was most excited for were her props and armor. Widowmaker’s gauntlet and shin guards were made using Sintra (read more about Sintra in my tutorials section!) with Terraflex for the details. The kneecaps were made with a flexible soft rubber that would provide some cushion if I needed to kneel down for that classic “Sniper Shot” pose.

For Widowmaker’s headpiece, I sculpted the entire shape by hand using modeling clay. Then I made a quick mold from silicone & fiberglass so I could pull a resin cast from. The first cast had some imperfections – spots that needed to be sanded and smoothed, so I took some time to clean it up before preparing a second silicone mold to be my official production mold.

It is cast in resin, with the red lenses being made from a clear resin tinted red. Then I wired up some LEDs to sit behind the lenses and light them up.

All in all, Widowmaker was really fun to cosplay and I’m so glad I did her. The costume looks great and I’m so proud of that headpiece.