Rio Ca'tal

Light Armor

Mandalorian, Twi'lek

The Ever-Evolving Rio Ca’tal: A Star Wars Mandalorian Twi’lek Cosplay

Rio Ca’tal, my first and dearly beloved original Twi’lek character, is a Mandalorian with a unique sense of style. Over the years of cosplaying her, Rio has undergone countless iterations, with fans jokingly noting I never wear the same Rio twice! (For a deeper dive into Rio’s backstory, visit my OCs page!)

Rio’s Mandalorian Armor:

Every piece of this twi’lek cosplay was handmade by me:

  • Shiny black vinyl pants and bolero with a “boob window”
  • Bright gold armor, lightly weathered for a touch of history
  • Highly modular design allows for on-the-fly customization – swap thigh holsters, add a midriff piece, or adjust armor as needed.
  • Hidden attachment points ensure a seamless look regardless of configuration. The bolero uses concealed magnets to flawlessly snap armor pieces into place.

Rio’s Light Armor is very non-standard for a Mandalorian, but it’s just one of many armor sets she has. This set is designed for mobility, in situations where she does not expect to come under direct fire.

Crafting Rio’s Twi’lek Lekku

Making Rio’s Twi’lek cosplay lekku was a multi-year odyssey that ultimately launched me into prop-making. Sculpted by hand from clay, the lekku are then molded and cast from latex with a highly flexible foam core. This meticulous process results in incredibly lifelike lekku that move and wiggle naturally with my head. These popular props consistently sell out faster than I can create them!

Rio's light armor has gone through many versions over the years, and I'm so proud of how she's grown, and how I've grown through cosplaying her.