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Cosplay made by CosplayMania on Etsy


Dragon Age

Is there any character in Dragon Age more iconic than Morrigan? I absolutely love the Dragon Age series… I first got into it when Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, and quickly became obsessed. For a while, it was hard to choose which characters I wanted to cosplay from the series! But friends of mine kept telling me I’d look great as Morrigan. So Morrigan won.

I’m not a great seamstress though – I can get by well enough but my passion is for propmaking, not for sewing. And Morrigan is a very complicated sewing project.

So I commissioned CosplayMania to make this one for me! She was excellent to work with – kept in contact with me about due dates and shipping expectations. And the quality of the costume was perfect. She could have charged double for this and it would still have been worth it.

The staff was the one thing on the costume I made myself. I started with a wodden dowel rod from a hardward store. It made for a nice sturdy base I could actually use as a walking stick. From there, I used modeling foam clay to sculpt all kinds of wooden knots and shapes along the rod to give it some character.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the costume, and she is going to be a staple in my convention lineup for years to come. I was more than happy to purchase this one, so I could skip the parts of cosplay I don’t enjoy and focus on the parts I do. It was well worth it.