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Huttslayer Leia

Original Trilogy

Princess Leia Organa has always been an icon of strength and resilience.

Carrie Fisher embodied that spirit perfectly. Her wit, her determination, and her refusal to be defined by anyone resonated deeply with me.

One of Leia’s most recognizable moments is her appearance in the metal bikini as Jabba the Hutt’s prisoner. But there’s a powerful quote from Carrie herself that always stuck with me: “that slug made me wear that bikini, so I killed him because I didn’t like it.” Those words sparked the inspiration for my latest Star Wars cosplay: Huttslayer Leia.

This wasn’t just about recreating a scene. It was about celebrating Leia’s strength and taking ownership of that iconic outfit. That’s why the centerpiece of my cosplay is a unique “cloak” crafted from Jabba’s pelt. It’s a symbolic trophy, a reminder that the princess wasn’t just a victim, she was a victor.

Creating this cloak was a labor of love. I sculpted Jabba’s grotesque face using modeling clay, then made a plaster mold and cast it in latex. For the rest of the cloak, I used felt, treating it with latex to mimic Jabba’s wrinkled skin. Finally, airbrushing and hand-painting brought the whole piece to life. The more grotesque the sculpt became, the closer I knew I was getting to capturing the essence of Jabba’s demise.

It’s important to note that I considered pushing the boundaries a bit further. Viking themes, additional gore – the possibilities were endless. But in the end, I wanted to stay true to Leia’s core character. This is still the princess we know and love, just with a badass trophy commemorating her triumph over a notorious crime lord.

This cosplay is my tribute to Carrie Fisher’s legacy and Leia Organa’s unwavering spirit. It’s a reminder that heroes can be fierce and stylish, and that sometimes the best way to reclaim your narrative is to wear your victory like a (slightly horrifying) cloak.