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Harley Quinn

Ivy's Lil Monster

Batman, DC Comics

After several photoshoots in a bunch of Harley Quinn’s costumes, I decided I wanted to come up with something a little unique. Something extra spicy, extremely revealing, with all the sex appeal of her Suicide Squad costume… but without the references to Harley’s abusive ex. After all, she’s with Ivy now, and she’s better for it!

So I made a custom shirt that reads “Ivy’s Lil Monster” instead!

And then I chopped it to barely cover my chest, and did some of the most risque photoshoots I could with it. Obviously, this isn’t a costume I couldĀ ever wear to a convention… but I’m really happy with these photos, and how sexy & empowering they are.

Unsurprisingly, these shoots were also some of my most popular. I can’t imagine why…