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Nautolan, Smuggler

Glos is one of my original characters in the Star Wars universe. I came up with her in 2016 when I first began designing my Nautolan headpiece! Because it was one of the biggest headpieces I had ever done, I wanted the rest of her costume to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. So, Glos was made as a smuggler, with vests and jackets and comfortable pants.

The headpiece was a very involved project. There’s 15 pieces to it overall – The head itself, which has slots for 13 tentacles that all have to be painted and prepped before they are attached, and then the eyemask, which is designed to glue a set of sunglass lenses into, to get the Nautolan big eye effect.

The tentacles are surprisingly well balanced – I built the headpiece to naturally pull 4 tentacles in front of my shoulders, so that the weight is evenly distributed on my head. This makes it surprisingly more comfortable to wear than my twi’leks, even though it’s a lot heavier!

The eye mask itself stops just above my nose. I chose this instead of a full mask so that I could still move my mouth and emote normally. It does mean that I have to blend the mask into my face, though – a process that can take several hours each time. So I came up with a decorative nose guard to help hide the seamline. This lets me get into the costume much quicker! It’s detachable, of course, so if I ever decide to do a photoshoot with the seam blended in properly, I can do that.

Overall, cosplaying a nautolan has been very rewarding. It’s such a rare and unique species in the Star Wars fandom, and so few people have done them before. I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how best to do it.