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Darth Talon

Sith, Twi'lek

Ever since I started cosplaying Twi’leks, Darth Talon was at the top of my list of cosplays to tackle. She felt like the hardest goal – all that bodypaint, and her complicated sith tattoos made Darth Talon one of the most daunting twi’leks to do. But I knew, eventually, I had to try.

Once I had learned to sculpt and cast my own lekku, I made a set especially for her. It took several days to prep the seams and paint all the tattoos just right, using countless reference photos to make sure I got every detail right.

(Fun fact! Talon’s tattoos are drawn differently almost every time she’s been depicted in Legends! The only tattoos that are consistent are her chest and face – everything¬†else seems to change by the artists whim!)

Her outfit was easy enough… there’s not much of it there! Some skimpy black vinyl bikini that took me less than a day to sew, attached to various armor pierces. The armor was fun because it was supposed to have this corroded, pitted like. To achieve this, I would heat it up… and then hit it over and over with a rock to really dent and divot the armor plate. After it was textured, I shaped it to fit me and used paint weathering techniques to really accent the pits and make them stand out in photos.

But the tattoos are still the hardest part. I’ve cosplayed Talon a handful of times, and the tattoos have to be hand-painted every time. It’s a very involved character that takes several hours to paint on. If Darth Talon is on your list to cosplay, I highly recommend checking out my guides on airbrushing bodypaint. It is essential to practice those skills in order to do this character!