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Socks and gloves made by ToeBeanies

Black Cat

Kitty Lingerie

Marvel, Spiderman

Black Cat is one of my favorite characters in the Spiderverse. I always love the femme fatale type characters, and there’s something so fun about the “she’s bad, but not ALL bad” trope in comics.

So when I got these adorable paw print socks & gloves from ToeBeanies, and I had to choose which character I wanted to use them for… I decided that a sexy, fun shoot of Felicia Hardy was the best way to show them off.

The paws are a lot of fun to wear, too! ToeBeanies did anĀ amazing job making them, they’re the perfect amount of squishy and they’re well secured. I can even walk on them (which is a really fun sensation).

The socks are fantastic, too. For someone like me with very long legs, finding thigh highs that are long enough is a challenge. But ToeBeanies socks are incredibly long and they hit exactly the look I was hoping for.

ToeBeanies socks are fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough. I can’t wait to come up with more fun photoshoot ideas for them!