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High Slit Sheer Dress


Alyra, my original Twi’lek character from the Star Wars universe, first emerged in 2015 alongside my very first lekku prototype. I envisioned a vibrant pink Twi’lek for this Star Wars cosplay, with a contrasting color scheme to Rio – white and silver to counter his black and gold. (To delve deeper into Alyra’s backstory, visit my OCs page!)

Alyra’s design for this Twi’lek cosplay went through numerous iterations before reaching this final form – sleek, luxurious, and absolutely dripping in crystals. Crystals were essential for the Twi’lek aesthetic. Her lekku boast ornate rhinestone patterns, even incorporating dermal piercings with dangling chains. The headwrap, concealing the prosthetic seam and securing the lekku, is adorned with even more filigree and rhinestones. From her fingernails to her boots, rhinestones reign supreme, ensuring Alyra sparkles under any lighting.

Her outfit is equally bold for this Star Wars cosplay. A daring sheer lace dress, more for show than practicality, is designed to be alluring and intimidating in equal measure. It underscores her beauty, confidence, and the opulent lifestyle she enjoys.

While the dress came from an online retailer and the rhinestones were strategically applied, the cosplay lekku are my handcrafted creation. This was my fifth lekku prototype, and the first to achieve production quality. Considering the immense effort poured into sculpting, molding, and casting the lekku, purchasing the rest of the outfit felt justified. Especially when it so effectively embodies the character I’m introducing.

Alyra boasts a diverse wardrobe for this Star Wars cosplay, with outfits ranging from revealing to more modest, all adhering to her signature theme – luxurious, iridescent white, lace, and crystals galore. I plan on cosplaying Alyra for many years to come!