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High Slit Sheer Dress


Alyra is one of my original characters from the Star Wars universe. I first came up with her in 2015 when I was designing my very first lekku prototype. I knew I wanted a pink Twi’lek, and I wanted her to have a very opposite color scheme to Rio – white and silver to counteract Rio’s black and gold.

(To read more about Alyra’s backstory and who the character is, please click here to see my OCs page about her!)

Alyra went through quite a few iterations before I finally landed on this version – sleek, luxurious, and absolutely dripping in crystals. I wanted crystals everywhere. Her lekku are decorated in ornate rhinestone patterns, and even some dermal piercings with dangling chains off of them. Her headwrap (which hides the seam of the prosthetic and keeps the lekku secure on my head) is decorated with even more filigree and rhinestones. Her fingernails have rhinestones, her boots are more rhinestone than fabric. I wanted Alyra to absolutely sparkle in the bright lights.

Her dress is equally bold – a sheer lace panel that doesn’t really hide anything, entirely too revealing to wear at conventions. Some spicy undercleavage. It’s the sort of outfit she’d wear to be equal parts enticing and intimidating. To remind people of her beauty, her confidence, and the decadent luxury at her disposal.

Truth be told, there’s not much about this costume that I made by hand – the dress was purchased from an online retailer, the rhinestones came in bulk and just needed careful application. But I did make the lekku. This was probably my… fifth prototype? And my first production-quality set. Considering the blood, sweat, and tears that went into sculpting those lekku, and molding and casting them, I felt more than justified purchasing most of the rest of the outfit. Especially considering how well it told the story of the character I was introducing to the world.

Alyra has many more outfits though! Some less revealing, some more-so… But all of them in that same theme – luxurious, iridescent, white, lace, and crystals. I plan to cosplay her for many years to come.